Adult Lessons


At SSF we delight in helping adults discover the freedom of water. Our experienced, patient instructors take time to understand a student’s current relationship with the water and their goals for their lessons. We are available to answer any questions, as well as explaining things that may be gaps in student understanding.

Our philosophy of learning (establishing an understanding of breath control, buoyancy, balance and efficiency) and thus our learning progressions are the same for any age, so our adult beginning lesson program is almost the same as our program for children with some techniques being adjusted for size. We move forward in simple steps mastering these basic principles thus helping students to relax, float and allow the water to do the work for them. Our students often return to show us photos of their ocean swimming and even scuba trips.

We also offer lessons for adults that are currently able to swim but seeking to be more efficient and effortless in their strokes. Even a few of these lessons are extremely beneficial for everyone from recreational swimmers to triathletes. In a single lesson, students often learn to reduce the number of strokes it takes them to get to the end of the pool by 30% or more.