Lessons & Programs


At Sarah’s School of Fish, we love to teach students of all ages and abilities. We begin training students in our safety technique of rolling over when they are infants. These techniques can be introduced starting at a 3 months of age in our BABY AND ME classes.

In PRIVATE LESSONS starting at 12 months, our highly-trained instructors move swimmers bodies in the most efficient way to roll over using minimal arm and leg motion which teaches their core muscles to rotate. Swimmers also begin to subconsciously develop an understanding of buoyancy and balance allowing them to swim effortlessly and float in the water like a jellyfish. With development of coordination, children who continue in their lessons can develop a roll-over technique that is much like a rocket spinning. Some 3-year old can push off, glide and roll over traveling over 10 feet without even kicking because of the efficiency of their movement through the water. Because 6 months is a large portion of a small child’s life, it is very important that children take maintenance lessons during the winter months in order to maintain safety and technique.

In GROUP LESSONS starting at 2.5 years, we reinforce core skills important to water safety and stroke development.  Each class level focuses on five different skills.  This is a great way to keep your child in the water and maintain their abilities in a fun and social setting!

CONTACT US to set up private, recurring maintenance lessons weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly, for swimmers interested in maintaining health and safety and advancing their swimming progress through the winter months.