About Us


At Sarah’s School of Fish, we strive to make a difference in the lives of children and families through water-safety training and teaching a love of learning a life-saving, healthy lifestyle skill while training students to respect the water and their authority figures. We want families to love the results of coming to Sarah’s School of Fish and want to continue to be a part of our fish family forever! At Sarah’s School of Fish we want to love children into loving the water!


At Sarah’s School of Fish our core values are derived from Galatians 5:22: “The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

We want every student to feel:

Love – through the actions of our team to make them feel especially welcome and encouraged by our enthusiasm to see them each time they come in for a lesson and (by our demonstration of desire to do what is best for our students over and above what may be best/easiest for us.)

Joy – we hope to share our joy in the water and the learning experience through our shared excitement with swimmers in each step of advancement. At Sarah’s School of Fish students, instructors and all staff kindly encourage one another and share excitement for each other’s advances.

Peace and Patience – amidst all the excitement of learning to swim, we strive to instill peace and confidence in anxious hearts through gentle, patient encouragement and confident assurance in our swimmers potential. “I know you can float.” We consistently reinforce: “I will try.”, “I can float.”, and “I can roll over.”

Faithfulness – we faithfully work to establish trust with our students, always following through with promised rewards and consequences and never breaking our word.

Gentleness and Self-Control – through gentle, loving correction we train children to be attentive, obedient and self-controlled.

Confidence and Perseverance – students as young as 1.5 years old develop confidence and perseverance through repetition and accomplishment.

Goodness – we model and train students to be courteous towards their instructors and kind to fellow students by demonstrating and cheering for them as well as letting others, especially smaller children or “ladies” go first in certain activities.

Customer Service – our desire is that students leave Sarah’s School of Fish with increased confidence in themselves and their abilities and genuinely feel that they are loved at Sarah’s School of Fish and would be delightfully welcomed back at anytime by a team that would do everything we can to serve them.

  • We signed our 4-year-old son for swimming lessons between fall and spring Smyrna Soccer seasons in order to make him safe in the pool. We were particularly concerned for his safety since we always have more than one child to watch at the pool. After spending the winter with classes at Sarah’s School of Fish, our son is quite safe in the water–his instructors were very thorough in teaching him to rollover on his back and float to help him catch his breath. We saw the return on our money spent at Sarah’s School of Fish at our son’s Smyrna Sharks tryout: he swam quickly down the lane of the 25 meter pool. He bypassed the Rookie Team and will “swim race” with the Hammerheads. Thank you, Sarah, Taylor and Mike! Everitt’s mother – Smyrna, GA
  • “I have only very positive things to say about the quality of swim lessons my son Will received last summer. Not only did he learn a ton about swimming but he has retained it throughout the year which says a lot because he’s only 3. Sarah was patient and knew when it was okay to push a little and when to push a lot and got amazing results. Will respected Sarah and even learned a few manners during his lessons.” Suzanne W. – Atlanta, GA
  • “Liza won a blue ribbon in her free-style heat tonight and was thrilled. She really improved and your tricks made all the difference! I think her coaches were shocked because she won by A LOT. She enjoyed swimming with you!”
    Gretchen C. – Atlanta, GA
  • “Kate enjoyed the lessons and she is much more comfortable in the water as a result. I appreciated the positive environment you created for her even when she was unsure about participating. Both of you were stern in getting her to learn, but did so in a positive manner.” Jenny B. – Dunwoody, GA
  • “I just wanted to let you know that Allison is swimming great! She jumps in and swims 25 yards all the way across the pool. She wants to join the swim team next year so she can “race.” You’re a miracle worker!”
    Tracy W. – Decatur, GA
  • “Sarah, we think it is going GREAT! He is delighted and you are a genius… I was not expecting him even to be so comfortable already…”Laura D. – Atlanta, GA
  • “Thanks again, I was so impressed yesterday, he would have never let me put his head under like that!! He really enjoyed it!” Molly C. – Atlanta, GA