The School of Fish is under new management.

Sarah’s School of Fish has proven success with swimming lessons in Atlanta over the past 28 years using a unique method developed by Sarah Merrill.

Our goal is that every one of our students love the water as much as we do and “learn to swim like a fish!” We accomplish this by teaching students to swim correctly and breathe comfortably so they can safely enjoy the water the rest of their lives. Our philosophy of learning (establishing an understanding of breath control, buoyancy, balance and efficiency) creates excellent swimmers of all ages.

Our private, heated indoor pool, designed especially for swimming lessons and birthday parties, is housed in a beautiful facility surrounded by 8 foot windows with a 45 foot high translucent roof that opens in fair weather. We are located in the Vinings/Smyrna area of Atlanta, Georgia.

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All private lessons – beginner, intermediate and advanced/stroke development – are given individually, one instructor for each student, which accelerates learning many times faster than group lessons.

Our hope is that students will continue through our program mastering efficiency in five strokes so that they can swim their whole lives with ease while enjoying the water and the resulting health benefits. Unlike many other sports, swimming is an activity students can enjoy and continue to improve in their entire lives. At Sarah’s School of Fish, we have students in their 60’s and 70’s learning to swim for health and exercise (most often recommended by doctors).

Remember – The best way to learn to swim is consistency.

Find a routine that works for your schedule and budget and stick with it!